Photo 05.09.14 03 29 10

I am still enjoying the Anita Grant Eyeshadows I received – Thanks Anita! And thought I would share another little step by step of a look I wore recently. In my original review post I raved about how awesome Roasted Pear is. It is a seriously foiled and classy bronze which in the swatch I applied pretty heavily to get this look:

Photo 11.08.14 12 45 50

It really is a gorgeous colour but maybe a bit heavy for a day time…

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Photo 03.05.14 20 36 29

I am sure my readers know me well enough by now to know that I cannot walk past a makeup shop without splurging on a Lipstick, or 12. Well I managed some self restraint the last time I visited MAC and only bought exactly what I needed to restock my Bridal Kit or and a lip stick and lip liner … for science.

Photo 03.05.14 20 35 50

I noticed that although I have a huge amount of pink lipstick, most of the pinks I own are…

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Earlier this week we welcomed Alex of a Spoonful of Blush into the Makeup Honey team, just a week or two after we welcomed Lene of Drommelakken into the Makeup Honey gang and now, drumroll please!

I am super happy to announce that on September 11th 2014 at 9:16am Baby Makeup Honey also joined the Family!
IMG_8399-0.JPGHis name is Varg and our little family is now complete. A girl for Mummy and a boy for Daddy.…

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DIY Lips by Anita Grant and Little Sparrow Cosmetics

Photo 31.08.14 19 04 10

Photo 31.08.14 19 04 10

I have been busy enjoying playing with my Anita Grant Hello Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadows and was super pleased to find out that they are all LIP SAFE! I love the Little Sparrow Cosmetics Lipstick in shade Lilac but it is very pale, so sit back and take a look at how to use an eyeshadow to create a custom lip colour!

Photo 01.09.14 00 47 23

  1. First up, start with clean and prepared lips. Excuse my boo boo, I had an…

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Lip Factory’s 2nd Birthday!

Photo 11.08.14 23 28 12

So here I am still playing catch up with my Lip Factory beauty Box! This one unfortunately arrived the same day as a wedding job I had, which was then followed by more weddings but I am now (as of the 22nd October) officially on Maternity leave and I have a little time to play with makeup! So enjoy a look into the Lip Factory 2nd Birthday Box and make note – I have heard the August’s Box is…

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Introducing: A Teaspoon of Blush!

Screenshot 2014-09-04 08.45.01

A week or two ago I introduced you all to Lene from Drommelakken Nail Blog. Well today I am pleased to introduce you to Alex from A Teaspoon of Blush! I could tell you all about her but I think it is better to let Alex do the talking!

Hi everybody! My name is Alex and I have a YouTube channel and a blog called ATeaspoonOfBlush where I do makeup tutorials and reviews. I am 22 years old and a…

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Dr. Who Nail Tutorial


Did anyone else see the season premiere of Doctor Who last weekend? I did! And as a true whovian I just had to make some Doctor Who inspired nailart.


These are just a simple cartoon of the TARDIS and the Doctor Who logo.


I used last weekends galaxy nailart as a base for this design. Using last weeks mani is a great way to save your favourite look for a little longer by breathing new life into…

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Lip Factory June Edition

Photo 11.08.14 15 08 46

As they say, better late than never! So here is the June Edition of the Lip Factory Box. Now that life is not so busy and crazy with Weddings and Photoshoots (I am officially on Maternity leave yay!!!) I have time to be able to write, which is great because I have a job with a Fashion magazine! I posted about that on Thursday so go and check out COLE Magazine and let me know what you think of the…

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Hi everyone, this is just a super fast and awesome update. I have gone and landed myself the exciting new position of… wait for it….

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 10.14.35

Editorial Assistant to the Editor in Chief of COLE Magazine! That title is very long so I will just use Editorial Assistant for now.


I am so pleased as you can probably tell! I will be operating social media, writing, sourcing new work, finding new talents to…

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Simple Eye Look using Hello Beautiful Eye Collection!

So this is a slightly more in depth tutorial than the one I published on Instagram this week. Short, sweet and very very simple, so I hope you enjoy! I so in love with the Anita Grant Eyeshadows. I can’t wait to show you the look I did using Roasted Pear, that colour is just perfect!

Photo 11.08.14 12 24 45

Super sexy yet simple smokey eye look using Anita Grant Hello Beautiful Eyeshadows in Mauve Parfait and Coconut…

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#galaxynail #tutorial now live on #makeuphoney blog! #videotutorial stunning designs and beautiful pictures by Lene from @drommelakken ! Stay tuned for more posts by the Lovely Lene!

Hi Everyone and welcome to my first official guest post on The Makeup Honey Blog! I am so excited to show you this design! It’s been 23weeks since my last attempt and I really want to show you my progress. I’m addicted to progress pictures and before and after pictures, I don’t know why, but I love to see peoples progress. Polishes used in this design are mainly from the O.P.I Nordic collection,…

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Anita Grant Cosmetics – Hello Beautiful Eye Candy Collection

Photo 11.08.14 23 14 07

You might have noticed that during my Quest for Indie goodness, there have been little to no UK Indie Brands. Well step up to the plate Anita Grant Cosmetics! I first came into contact with this brand over on the r/indiemakeupandmore forum on Reddit. They were looking for some MUA’s to do some Pictorials of their work and sent out products to those that they chose. I was lucky enough to be one of…

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Introducing Lene of Drommelakken Nail Blog!


I am really pleased to announce that Lene from the Norwegian Nail Blog, Drommelakken, will be taking a guest spot on The Makeup Honey to bring nail art videos, pictorials and other fabulous nail related stuff! Her work is amazing and you will be about to find her posts in the shiny new “Nail” section on the menu! Don’t forget to follow her actual blog where she posts very regularly at Drommelakken

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It’s finally over!


So As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am now done with MUA, Styling and Nail work for a couple of months while I await the newest arrival to the Makeup Honey Clan. It has been an incredibly busy and stressful summer of pregnancy, photoshoots, salon work, office based work, weddings and of course the standard summer sales and. I have had some amazing customers this year and one or two disastrous…

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