Sewlomax Makeup Bags and Beautiful Purses

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You might remember a month or two ago I ran a competition in partnership with British designer Emma Lomax of Sewlomax to give away a beautiful nail polish themed makeup bag. I am pleased to announce that I am now a proud brand ambassador for Sewlomax and will be able to give all my lovely readers sneak peaks at new products, exclusive giveaways and offers as well as access to beautiful…

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Happy Friday guys and dolls! Tonight I have an itty bitty mini review of an Indie Brand called Impulse Cosmetics. Now I have to admit I took these photos before I moved house just under a year ago and completely forgot to publish the review, oops but as they say, better late than never. I originally discovered this brand through browsing the Reddit forum r/indiemakeupandmore. It is a great place…

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The Lip Factory May Edition

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Hey guys and girls! First up, sorry for the radio silence lat weekend. It was Mini Makeup Honey’s 2nd Birthday so as you can imagine I had a weekend FULL of Mummy duties followed by a nice case of the flu. Seriously it was so bad I think I actually had man flu. Being ill did however give me the time off from beauty treatments I needed to catch up with photo taking and blog documentation. Every…

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This month @sewlomax1 are launching the ‘I’m Sew British’ Collection. This delightful new collection features 4 unique designs inspired by all things British!

Throughout July @sewlomax1 will be launching each product one week at a time starting with our fabulous ‘Taxi Please!’ purse.

Make sure to follow @sewlomax1 and @makeup_honey for new releases and updates on the beautiful #beauty products available!

Make sure to tag your posts with
#imsewbritish and #makeuphoneyloves so we can feature your pictures!

Head on over to to see the full range!

Terminology – Makeup Style

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Just like the confusing world of hashtags, forums, YouTubers, Instagrammers, Beauty Bloggers etc all have their own special little language relating to the world of makeup. This language consists of acronyms, initialisms and abbreviations which at first glance look like some kind of crazy code but really most of them are pretty simple.

I had looked around the web for a decent glossary but only…

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If you are a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine or well internet user in general, you have probably come across hashtags. They are absolutely everywhere. But what is a hashtag? Well a hashtag is any words, phrases, initialism, abbreviation or acronym which is proceeded by the hash or pound sign #. The hashtag was originally intended as a way to categorize content to make web searches quicker and…

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Too Faced Candlelight Glow

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Two Faced is one of my favourite brands partly because of the great quality but also because I just love their packaging. I feel super girly and just a little awesome when I whip out a Too Faced compact to do a quick touch up. It has been a while since I have written anything about Too Faced, so please excuse me if I babble a little. It is just so nice to have new fun makeup to play with!


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Mr. Nutcase Shoutout plus discount codes! #giveawayalert #discountcode


I just wanted to do a quick shout out to the guys and girls over at Mr. Nutcase. Just yesterday my lovely post lady delivered to me a gorgeous iPhone case which was custom made by the Mr. Nutcase team using pictures from my blog and Instagram! It is just perfect!

Photo 06.06.14 00 25 16

Buying a phone or tablet as a gift for a special occasion? Why not add a personalised case – remember we source cases before new…

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Just a little PSA for all my lovely readers, if you love a classic red lip but you don’t want to pay the big bucks for a luxury brand, look no further because I have a Drugstore vs Luxe brand dupe for you right here!

Photo 14.05.14 23 37 31

So the Luxe entry is Bella Pierre Cosmetics Mineral Lipstick in Ruby. A creamy and lovely little red that seriously makes your lips pop. I recently wrote a full review on this shade…

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Photo 14.05.14 23 38 18

Sometime towards the end of last year or maybe it was the beginning of this year? I received a Bella Pierre Lipstick. This is my first encounter with the brand, outside of swatching them at the counter anyway. This first thing that struck me was the outer packaging. Most high end or luxury brands lean towards a plan black matte or a matte metallic cardboard structure, but Bella Pierre has opted…

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The Sewlomax competition is over! The competition closed at midnight last night and the winner was chosen this morning via Rafflecopter. The proud new owner of a super high quality and handmade makeup purse is……….

Doreen Cormack

Congratulations to you Doreen and thank you from myself and Sewlomax to everyone who took the time to enter the competition. I wish you all could have been winners! The…

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Here I am, still trawling my way through the great UK Haul of 2014 and this time I am here with SEVENTEEN which is sold by Boots. Seventeen is the baby sister to No.7, the very popular Boots own makeup and skincare range. I remember Seventeen from my teenage years and was pleasantly surprised to see that it has not only survived but improved and grown. The packaging is certainly much sturdier…

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How about we start #day34 of #100daysofhappiness with my sexy and awesome #opi badge! #partoftheclub … Now on with the mission to earn a #mac necklace! #challengeaccepted

#100daysofhappiness #day33 order time! So many fancy catalogues from OPI and @perfectnailsnorge to look through!

The Lip Factory: April Edition

Happy days, the April Lip Factory box arrived (the first week of May but I have been so busy with other posts this is the first chance to post it!) Photo 15.05.14 00 06 08I am enjoying The Lip Factory so much more than I ever enjoyed Glossy Box as each month it is ONLY makeup! I do like skin/hair care but Makeup is what I really want in a Beauty Box. So this month I noticed that they had changed the box. It is still…

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